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        Teaching and Research Flowers Blossom All over the Beautiful Yingshan Hong Middle School
        編輯日期:2019-1-9  發稿人:宣傳部戴巧辰    閱讀次數: 次  [ 關 閉 ]

        At the beginning of 2019, with the leadership and organization of  Chunhui Education Group and Teaching Department of Yuan Middle School, we came to Yingshan Hong Middle School affiliated to Chunhui Education Group. The beautiful school is situated in Jinzhai County with charming scenery, which has won a reputation of General’s hometown. It’s no exaggeration to say that the clean schoolyard, bright classroom, warmth teachers and diligent students had deeply attracted me.

        When the second class started in the morning, the Ninth Grade English Groups of our two schools tried the heterogeneous class pattern. It brought me a feeling of language charm in traditional classroom. Despite the fact that without the support from modern teaching methods such as PPT, teachers and students were more immersed in classroom communication and effective teaching interaction, so honest, so dedicated. The elegant writing in blackboard was just like Jinzhai’s landscape, so bright, so quiet!

        The teaching pattern of Yuan Middle School was lively and active, showing the sharp wisdom and fast rhythm of modern young teachers. Beautiful blackboard writings with abundant pictures and literature, coupled with fluent oral English, impressed the students coming from mountain area. They all enjoyed a pleasant time!

        To my relief, children in this school vividly expressed the desire for knowledge, respect for teachers and love for their homeland in class. On the way back, looking out of the window at the scenery and the steep mountains, my ears could not help but thinking of the children's reading sounds.

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